Signs / Change in behavior that leads to violence:


  • Isolation – Person may isolate himself/herself from family, friends and social activities.
  • Agitated/anxious/depressed.
  • Spend more time watching unusual videos on YouTube or chat with strangers on the Internet.
  • Person might suddenly start talking about religious groups and voice support for a terrorist organization.
  • Person might express hatred or anger towards a group of people, to family, friends or teachers.
  • Drug /alcohol use.
  • The person might challenge the religious/political beliefs of parents.
  • Money- Where are they getting it from?
  • Obsession with violent video games.
  • Know their friends. Any new friends?
  • Social Media posts.
  • Making radical comments such as; “I wish they were dead,” or  “I feel like shooting all of them!” etc.
  • Wearing all black clothing.
  • Privacy is not sacrosanct in your home. A mom’s job is to search for clues.


Who to notify:

  • Local Police
  • Sheriff
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • The Church
  • The School Principal