I came across a mother during a street intervention/outreach that refused to watch her son go out into the streets with a gang. She would cruise the neighborhood after school or when she got off work. And if she found him on the street, she would confront him in front of his homies. “I love you and I don’t want you on the streets,” she would yell from the car. When he would come home, she would lecture him about how gang life is bad. The other homies wouldn’t dream of threatening her, as she would lecture them as well. On one occasion, to the mothers unknowing, there was a major neighborhood drug deal going down. Mama approached her son interacting with 3 other homies in the car carrying the drugs. When the homies recognized his mother, they abruptly left. The son later called the homies and asked why the drug deal wasn’t completed. They responded, “Are you kidding, your mom was there.”


The power of mamas can prevent drug deals from happening!