This could be your story.

Everyday, everywhere around the world, there’s a mom making a difference. These are some of their amazing stories of courage and determination. If you’d like to share yours, please email it to

Another brick in the wall.

Can one mama really make a difference? You betcha. We only have to look at the recent case in Baltimore where Toya Graham stopped her son Michael from rioting. Sixteen-year-old Michael couldn’t see his mother, but he recognized her voice when she shouted “Put that... read more

The deal won’t go down.

I came across a mother during a street intervention/outreach that refused to watch her son go out into the streets with a gang. She would cruise the neighborhood after school or when she got off work. And if she found him on the street, she would confront him in front... read more

Mexico’s violence beaten by mother’s faith.

Recent violence in Mexico has taken the lives of thousands of people—mostly young men and women. Many mothers fear retaliation if they come forward. In Acapulco—one of the cities hit the hardest by the violence—the Church is the only place where the moms feel safe in... read more

You’re under arrest.

Chiquita Hill of Columbus, Georgia had her 10-year old “mock arrested” by the police. They came to her son’s school and handcuffed the fifth grader for misbehaving in school, not doing his homework, and being rude to his teacher. All of her efforts to correct his... read more