Home is where the heart is.

There is no title greater than mother in all of the land. For without mom, there would be no children. And as any mother will tell you, raising kids is no easy task. It’s a never-ending responsibility that can be overbearing at times. The stress and pressure can sometimes have mothers forced into the pitfalls of society. Whether that’s gang-related activity, drug use, or violent acts of terrorism—the dangers are real for moms all over the world. But we’re here to help, support, and stop these incidents from happening. We’re Mamas Hearts United and if you’re a mom, we’ve got your back. Welcome home.

Let Us Pray

God of creation,
You have given women an exalted task in this world—
to cooperate with you to give life.
Over the centuries there have been countless such mothers—
birth moms, moms who adopt, spiritual mothers—
heroic, courageous, loving, dedicated, and unconquerable.
Without their wise counsel, there would be a lack of teaching—
and living examples—to treat others as we want to be treated.
Give all who mother a strong sense of their inestimable worth.
Encourage mothers in all their daily efforts to love and care for children.
Grant them the courage to stand up to violence in the lives of their families and communities. Protect mothers, and empower them in their role as educators and peacemakers. Unite our hearts, that we may witness the birth of peace in the world. In your mercy, hear our prayers, now and always. Amen.